Bacc West – [YSB Eli]

YSB Eli is a North Carolina rapper who is having a great moment right now with his newest single and video entitled “Bacc West.” Sometimes as an artist it just takes perfect timing for things to happen for Eli he’s progressed and gotten better over the past couple of months he’s starting to reap the benefits of his hard work. There’s definitely something brewing in the water in the Carolinas as it seems to be a new crop of promising young talent stemming from the states. The only problem is that the old guard and the rap community need to do a better job at putting their arms around these kids. With this new record “Bacc West” is a short and quick banger that came from his Los Angeles sessions. There’s still a long way to go in his development but YSB Eli has seen solid progression in his sound and music in the past six months.

Listen to YSB Eli’s newest offering “Bacc West” for yourself after the break.