Babyface Ray and Veeze tag-team a legendary track and add an unforgettable mini-movie to “Bosses Linking with Bosses.”

It’s hard for me to think of any artist I’ve been introduced to over the last couple years that has made a bigger impact on my listening library than Babyface Ray. Since I was introduced (I’ll admit I was LATE), not only have I done a deep-dive into his discography to find some crazy tracks that are now in some of my most-played, but I’ve also kept up with nearly every one of his releases; singles, videos, and and projects.

“Bosses Linking with Bosses” was one of these releases I caught on the day of, and have been meaning to write about for the past couple of weeks. Ray and Veeze had been on their coined “Courtesy of the Mob” tour, and on their last date in London, a sold-out show, they decided to make a music video to this track. I’m a sucker for live-shot, documentary-style music videos and this immediately caught my attention. Not only do you get to experience a fantastic song (I genuinely expect to enjoy every one of Babyface Ray’s releases at this point), but you get to get as close as possible to the life they live as now worldwide stars. The cinematography is exceptional, as it not only gives a visual, but also tells a story of that night, and what I’m sure was a surreal cap to a much-deserved successful tour.

Check out “Bosses Linking with Bosses,” on Youtube below!