Baby Murder – [YoungMenace]

Over the past decade or so, Atlanta’s underground has proven to be the epicenter of the future of hip-hop and the artist that I’ll be highlighting today is another example of how the scene is evolving and as strong as ever. YoungMenace is an artist that I stumbled upon close to a year ago now and I’ve kept a watchful eye on his releases ever since. With two projects out already this year, it’s clear that no games are being played by the Atlanta-native and he’s got a whole lot of work to show for it.

Released last month, YoungMenace’s “Baby Murder” mixtape is a 10-song project that no underground rap fans will want to miss. From front to back, YoungMenace trumps his competition with undeniable energy, impressive beat selection, and his signature vocal tone that’ll catch the attention of just about anyone that doesn’t already know what’s up. Although nearly impossible to choose amongst the 10 songs, at this moment in time my favorites off of “Baby Murder” are “Glee”, “Real”, “Mr. Beast”, and “Story” – a more laid-back, emotional record that highlights YoungMenace’s storytelling and versatility. That said, if you haven’t yet checked out YoungMenace’s “Baby Murder” mixtape or the “Mr. Beast” visual, now is your time to do so using the links below.