Baby – [DJ Scheme] ft. [Iann Dior]

DJ Scheme has long been a close friend and acquaintance of ours here at lyrical lemonade, and like a fine wine, he continues to only get better with age. At the beginning of December, he dropped off his debut album FAMILY and it was an absolute smash hit, at least in my mind. He was able to bring all different styles and sonic landscapes to life throughout this 17-song album, and every time I go back and revisit it, I seem to be more and more blown away.

Obviously, the features he selected on this project help Scheme provide different stylistic choices, but every single guest plays such an important role in this album’s success. He got names like Skrillex, Joey Bada$$, Ski Mask, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign, Fenix Flexin, $NOT, and too many others to name in this sentence, but I never imagined seeing some of these talents on the same album let alone the same song. One of my favorite cuts off of the project is definitely “Baby” featuring Iann Dior, and although this is a much more soothing, heartfelt ballad than what we’re used to hearing from Iann, he takes the baton and runs with it.

Luckily, just the other day this record received a Griffin Olis-directed visual treatment, and the storyline that ensues is definitely captivating, to say the least. Opening on a shot of Iann leading his lovely lady into a retro-inspired club while wearing a sparkling suit coat before sitting down and settling in for some live music. Before we know it, a dapper-looking DJ Scheme takes the mic and introduces Iann as the musical guest of the night, prompting him to jump up on stage and bless the audience with his talents.

After his performance, he sneaks out back with his girl, storming past Scheme who is now dressed in a security outfit, making an escape to his old school convertible that quickly gets swarmed by the paparazzi. Finally, he drives up to a scenic overlook of the city with his lovely companion as the song comes to a close. The video continues, however, and he receives a call from a friend. Just when he was about to hang up and spend some quality time with his girl, he must have received some news that sent him back out on his way, continuing on the busy life that he lives despite the chagrin of his lady.

Although I see absolutely zero flaws on Scheme’s magnificent debut album, I feel like it definitely didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. Although it did relatively well from what I saw, I still believe that it deserved to be higher up on the charts and talked about much more for the incredible production alone before even mentioning the star-studded cast he recruited to join him on that journey. Nonetheless, true fans know just how special and amazing this album is, and it’s something I’m not going to quickly forget whatsoever. FAMILY is obviously a must-listen for any fan of Hip-Hop, so check that out as well as the new music video for “Baby” as soon as possible.