Baby Choppa – [Rot Ken]

It has only been a few weeks since I first heard about Augusta, Georgia’s very own Rot Ken, but he has been taking the music scene by storm in the best way possible. His song is very Georgia-esque, yet the way he changes his delivery up and remains as dexterous as they come helps to separate him from the rest of his counterparts down south, and he seems to be a hit-making machine which is definitely beyond important for someone like him who is so early into their music-making career.

Just a couple of hours ago, Ken decided to continue his hot streak with the release of his latest single “Baby Choppa”. Produced by a slew of hitmakers like Jetsonmade, Neeko Baby, Psilo, and Pillgrim, Ken is given a drum-forward beat with booming 808s, chattering hats and claps, and a guitar melody that can be heard in the distance, yet it seems to come secondary to the percussion in this instrumental. For the first few seconds, some drowned-out vocals are hummed in order to introduce the production as well, but when Ken comes in to actually spit, he SPITS.

He has this somewhat melodic delivery that is reminiscent of Lil Baby’s typical croon, which I think I’ve mentioned in other articles I’ve written about him, yet he goes from singing to rapping and right. Back to singing in the blink of an eye. At the same time, he does so in the most effortless, fluent fashion which truly shows off how insane his skills are even this early on in his career. Despite the fact that he often mashes together his words, this almost makes his delivery sound like his voice is an instrument, something that has been said of Young Thug’s beyond peculiar and unique delivery, so although he doesn’t necessarily sound like Thugger, the conveyance of his bars can be very similar, in my opinion.

Considering Rot Ken is only 17 years old and he is still trying to claw his way into the music scene, there isn’t a lot of information that I know about him other than his age and origin. This sort of mystery is nice as a listener, for me at least, because it doesn’t allow me to use any preconceived notions or pre-judgments based on things that don’t necessarily relate to him personally. Aside from this, there is a Man Films-directed music video that is clean and well-shot, yet his music seems to always be my main focus when I tune in to any of his new offerings because it’s just so flat-out good. Rot Ken has all the ingredients to be a superstar and I definitely can see his rise to fame sooner than later, so make sure to tap in with his latest release “Baby Choppa” and see for yourself.