B4PINK – [SoFaygo]

It seems like there have been a few different movements of rap styles throughout the years, but this is nothing new because it has been going on ever since the genre first came into existence. Depending on what part of the country you’re from, these subgenres might be more prominent to you like drill was for me in Chicago, but some trends transcend locality and move onto a more nationwide scale.

Well, I don’t even know which style SoFaygo technically fits under, but he has blown up to epic proportions over the last year or two, and his stock is only continuing to skyrocket. I mean, he has had some massive success in the past but just today, it was announced that he is a part of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, and while there are varying opinions from fans about these lists every year, it is always something that artists seem to aim for until they surpass that level of their career.

It just kind of solidifies everything they’ve been working towards, and Faygo might be one of the very best on this year’s list, so congratulations to him because it is very well deserved. I’m not sure if it was to celebrate this news or if it was just a coincidence, but he decided to drop a brand-new EP as well today entitled B4PINK, and it’s something that I wasn’t about to pass up.

This project boasts 5 songs that last right around 13 and a half minutes long without any features, and although it’s a relatively quick tape, it might be my favorite piece of work from the Atlanta phenom. All of the beats go so hard, Faygo is at the top of his game both lyrically and melodically, and he further displays his ability to effortlessly go from rapping to singing and back around the cycle all over again with this remarkable EP. I want to write a ton more, but in all honesty, I just want to get back to listening to B4PINK once again as soon as possible, so I suggest you do the same and tap in with SoFaygo’s latest and greatest project.