B4 The Storm – [Internet Money]

Internet Money is basically the music powerhouse that the average fan has no idea about. They’re cranking out hit after hit with not only big-name artists, but also with their in-house talents who are going to be superstars in their own right in no time at all. As they began to hype up their debut album B4 The Storm, I was getting so impatient because I knew that the rest of the world was in for something incredible, but I had to hear it with my own two ears to make sure my expectations could be justified. It obviously came out at midnight going into Friday so it’s been out for a few days, but I really wanted to take some time to run through it multiple times and truly take in all of the artistry and effort that went into this incredible album, and man, was I not let down in the slightest.

On B4 The Storm, the masterminds behind Internet Money, including Taz Taylor and Nick Mira, were able to meld features from massive names like Future, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, Gunna, and more, with some incredibly talented and promising young artists like TyFontaine, TheHxliday, The Kid Laroi, and many more, whether they’re included on the IM roster or not. Just because some artist has millions of more followers and has been in the industry for much longer didn’t mean that they were automatically going to steal the show. If anything, the more unrecognized artists took this as their opportunity to shine and stand out to a wider, more extensive fanbase, and they all took this opportunity and ran with it.

I’m not going to cover every song simply because I could go on all day and night raving about all of the little aspects that went into each offering, but just know that each and every track is well worth listening to over and over again, in my opinion. The whole album opens up with TyFontaine’s incredible energy at an all-time high on “Message”. While there might be a lot going on in the midst of all the alarm-sounding synths and speaker busting drums, Ty never lets these things outshine or drown out his vigor, opening this project up on the highest of notes and drawing people in. This leads to “Really Redd”, an incredibly ruthless offering that includes Trippie Redd, Lil Keed, and Young Nudy, Trippie sings in his variety of insistent styles before Keed comes in to offer some differentiation in the form of a great verse, ultimately leading to Nudy’s part. During his verse, he unapologetically brags about violent acts and intimate moments with the females in his life, never getting too excited vocally which ultimately catches your attention even more than he would have if he had taken a different approach.

A couple of songs later, we’re introduced to Cochise, an artist I had never even heard of but now I can’t imagine a world where he wasn’t a part of this album. On “Right Now”, his lighthearted, enthusiastic delivery coupled with the dreamy, elevated instrumental flawlessly, and hearing him right alongside TyFontaine’s incredible addition brought this song to new heights. I think it’s a great song personally, but I’m curious to see how it’ll hold up or stand out considering it’s in the middle of a packed house of features and the world hasn’t been put on to these two talented artists yet. “Speak” is a few songs later and features The Kid Laroi who brings his incredibly passionate delivery to the album and stands out right at about the halfway point. He was given a tough task considering he was a singular feature smashed in between songs featuring Swae Lee, Future, Trippie Redd, and Juice WRLD, but he made his mark and made sure that he wasn’t going to be smothered by the insane talents that were to come before and after him.

Speaking of Trippie Redd and Juice, the following song “Blastoff” is possibly the highlight of the album in my opinion, and I don’t think that’s a wild take. While Trippie’s portions might come off a bit louder and more aggressive, Juice’s verse matches Trippie’s enthusiasm but brings a more intimate, melancholic, and passionate flair that pairs with the sorrowfully incredible guitar-lead instrumental in the background. The Lilspirit-lead song “Devastated” definitely switches things up from the rest of the rapping and singing on the album, but fans need to start paying this kid some respect with just how magical his voice is, and this was the perfect platform to give some attention to his magnificent vocals. Finally, the penultimate song “No Option” features Kevin Gates. This was a song I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to when I saw the tracklist because I’ve just never gotten into Kevin Gates as much as other people have, but I’m glad I kept an open mind and didn’t immediately write it off because it actually shocked me how much I enjoyed this track. The story he shares is meaningful and gripping, the beat assists his narrative with the perfect emotional backdrop, and all of the individual elements come together perfectly, so it was an amazing addition, to say the least.

I hope it’s obvious at this point that I could go on all day and all night raving about this album. There wasn’t a single lull, hole, or miss from front to back and this was the absolute perfect introductory album for Internet Money. Although I might not have had time to mention them earlier on, Iann Dior, TheHxliday, 24KGoldn, Lil Tecca, StaySolidRocky, and so many others really brought this album together just as much as the household names did, and I couldn’t be more excited with the results. Although album sales might not have been through the roof, Taz said it perfectly on Twitter when he mentioned how this is the first album they’ve ever released, and the casual fan has no clue who or what Internet Money is. The thing is, that’s going to change really quickly as soon as people decide to tune in and open their minds, and Internet Money is going to blow up to an inconceivable size. I was such a big fan of B4 The Storm that I’ve already put friends and family onto it, I haven’t really listened to anything else since it dropped, and I have no idea when that routine is going to change, but I’m not complaining. If you’ve already listened to Internet Money’s debut album, listen again, and if you haven’t had a chance quite yet, I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and tune in right away, so you don’t miss out any longer.