B4 I ROT – [swerzie]

Chattanooga has an unbelievably dense and diverse rap scene for a city that is smaller in numbers than almost every other major rap market, but regardless of this, the city still has artists making national noise in nearly every main sub-genre, as Isaiah Rashad and YGTUT continue to position themselves at the front of a more soulful niche, while the youthful Slatt Zy’s melodic street anthems are bringing Chattanooga publicity as well, but it is Swerzie whose boisterous and combative style that is possibly the most unlikely sound to be booming out of Tennessee.

Swerzie has been in the underground spotlight for some time now and he boats a lengthy and thorough catalog of music that has earned him a sizable cult-following, both in his region and on the internet. Recently he unloaded a new three-track EP entitled B4 I ROT that features production from Downtime, Spillspace, MJL, Keadrean, and iRoccOnTheBeat. “Real Rotten” is my favorite track off of the project and much of this can be attributed to the eerie and thumping instrumental produced by Keadrean and iRoccOnTheBeat. His delivery is bellicose and belligerent and his intensity helps make every word pierce through the speakers, and this aggression is exactly what has made his music so appealing to many. Swerzie has a very bright future ahead of himself and I cannot wait to see what all 2020 holds for him.