B2in1s – [Hannah Rodríguez] x [Hobbes Duende]

The phenomenally gifted Project FILO singer/songwriter/producer Hannah Rodríguez returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a dazzling new single titled “B2in1s.” The record follows Rodríguez’s popular song “Medicine,” which was a sleek acapella record. Arguably her best record yet (certainly my favorite), the production from Hobbes Duende is a luscious jazz instrumental that perfectly captures Hannah’s dreamy romantic vocals. Although the track is a little over three minutes, the runtime feels more like one, which will leave the listener craving more auditory bliss. While Hannah frequently draws comparison from the iconic Amy Winehouse, this particular offering of hers is perhaps the most suitable. Checking the boxes of passionate lyricism, jazzy vocal chords, and confidence in expression, regardless of her Winehouse resemblance no one can deny that Hannah Rodríguez has all the makings to be her own superstar. Stream “B2in1s,” the latest offering from Hannah Rodríguez below!