B.I.P. – [Fendi Benz]

It seems like every time I visit SoundCloud at this point, I stumble upon a new gem of an artist. Today, that gem is Fendi Benz with his brand new single, “B.I.P.”. Produced by Groveside, this melodic display of the Charlotte native’s skills takes on the line of effortless and ambitious with a well-articulated degree of talent. The lyrics let the fans know that on his road to the top, there is simply no one in the way who is going to stop Fendi Benz and his relentless work ethic. It may be my first introduction to Benz’s music, but with the way that he proclaims his prominence in this track, I most certainly won’t be sleeping on him in the future. That being said, listen to the next artist out of Charlotte by checking out “B.I.P.” at the link below.