AYO SK3TCH does things his own way with release of “I’m Different (freestyle).”

AYO SK3TCH has always prided himself on trailblazing his own path and not conforming to the masses, and it’s evident in his artistry, specifically with his first most recent release “I’m Different Freestyle,” the lead intro to his latest project First is the New Last. Residing in LA but originally from Boston, SK3TCH has found himself situated in a position his former self would be extremely proud of. The life of an artist coming up is a challenging journey, and his emergence is a refreshing reminder of what hard work can do.

I’m really feeling the multiple flow switch-ups that the song provides. Multiple different delivery types make the song feel like a new one at every verse change, and that adaptability and flexibility is a testament to SK3TCH’s artistic talent. On top of that, a catchy hook packs the punch and makes this joint replayable, something every artist looks for in their work.

The track has already gained incredible traction, racking up 250K+ streams since its release across platforms, and the accompanying video that just released will only help boost that. The visual is an upbeat, energetic vibe that correlates well to the track; colorful, yet determined and serious about the work at hand. I think what caught my eye most were his facial expressions and mannerisms. It made me feel the effort of each line, and I feel like now I enjoy the song even more.

In a musical world where one track can jumpstart your career, I really think AYO SK3TCH has what it takes to take off. Maybe”I’m Different Freestyle” can be the one that elevates his status. Check it out on YouTube below!