Aye – [G Herbo] ft. [Offset]

There aren’t too many people in the rap world that don’t need an introduction, but one of these individuals is without a doubt G Herbo. He has been at the top of the Chicago scene ever since he first began taking off over a decade ago under the name Lil Herb, and even though his name might’ve changed over the years, his dominance hasn’t gone anywhere. He is just one of those artists that you can’t forget about whether we’re talking strictly about Chicago hip-hop or discussing the genre as a whole.

His aggression has always captivated me, but the way he has been able to incorporate so many other sentiments and emotions into his music throughout his tenure in this industry is something that will never fail to impress me, regardless of how many new names come across my radar. This year’s album Survivor’s Remorse was one of the most highly anticipated efforts of the past 12 months, and even after dropping the original version, he couldn’t wait to release the extended edition just 3 days later which unleashed another 13 songs that more than doubled the album’s tracklist.

Despite these additions, one song that stood out to everyone from the moment they listened to the first version was “Aye” featuring Offset produced by D.A. Got That Dope, and it’s definitely a song that I have grown to love quite a lot since it first dropped a few months back. Luckily, this track was rejuvenated thanks to a Damien Sandoval-directed music video that really takes things over the top.

Basically, the two veteran emcees are the leaders of this underworld army that looks like a cross between The Purge and a circus filled with lovely ladies who are wreaking havoc every chance they get. Red dot sights are pointed at Offset, G Herbo is a giant causing chaos in a fire-filled city, and their soldiers seem to answer the call whenever they get it. Simply put, this video is as hectic as it gets, but it matches the track’s overall vibe flawlessly, making it a can’t-miss release from the one and only G Herbo.