Awesome Jawsome – [Father] ft. [Zack Fox]

Although it makes so much sense, a Father and Zack Fox collaboration is something that never popped into my mind. Father has such an animated persona, delivering constant bars full of playful wordplay and jokes that come out as somewhat of a meme, but respectable enough to not be completely considered comedy. Zack Fox, on the other hand, became a household name as a comedian and all-around goofball before throwing his hat in the ring and trying to Rap. We all know how that went, as his meme-worthy songs with Kenny Beats went viral and blew up all over the music world. Although both artists might not be considered at the top of the industry, the time and effort that goes into their bars in order to make them not only hilarious and stand out amongst the crowd, but actually sound good are impressive, to say the least.

The duo is here for the first time on a track together called “Awesome Jawsome”. On this song, jazzy bass guitar and percussion with a slight boom-bap resemblance set the tone for the very simplistic percussion. Father half-sings, half-raps in a higher-pitched, lighthearted voice that echoes pretty much the entire time. Throughout his verses and hooks, he talks about romance in unique and uncharacteristic ways like only he knows how to do. Zack Fox stretches his words out at the end of each line in his verse, showing off a different and calmer flow than we’ve ever heard from the comedian up to this point. He also talks about romantic wants and needs, getting a bit more vulgar than his counterpart but making the topic funny, nonetheless. Halfway through his verse, he even full-on sings a couple of bars in a comedic fashion, not quite shocking the world with his lack of vocal abilities, in all honesty.

This tag team is something that was pretty much bound to happen at some point or another, and the results came out pretty much as expected. It’s not an outrageous song in the sense of artistry per se, but it is pretty fantastic from a humorous standpoint. I think that the more they work together, the more they can perfect their sound to bring the whole comedic romanticism theme to another level. If you’re a fan of either artist for one reason or another, “Awesome Jawsome” is sure to appeal to you, so make sure to give it a listen.

Words by Danny Adams • Produced by Archibald Slim