Avenue – [Junii]

Have you ever discovered an artist and wondered how on earth they aren’t listened to by millions? Detroit native Junii perfectly fits this conundrum. Junii is a 21 year old artist from Detroit, Michigan. Although she is commonly cited for her lyricism, Junii is not your typical artist to categorize. With impeccable rap flow and confidence, Junii’s formula often incorporates a smooth relaxed tempo over the instrumentals she covers. Her ability to not only rap, but to also deliver soulful harmonies and blissful vocals over Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul tracks demonstrates a sheer versatility that is scarce in the mainstream music industry. If you need further convincing of her excellence, Junii’s most defining moment of her career (so far) is winning TDE affiliate Reason’s “Flick it Up” challenge. Junii’s winning submission earned her the luxury of featuring on the “Flick it Up” remix alongside Jah the Great and Dreamville’s Bas. Since then, Junii has been on a roll, releasing her stellar debut EP on digital streaming platforms titled¬†Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1.

Junii’s latest offering is a brand new single titled “Avenue.” Produced by enoffmusic, the tranquil instrumental offers a beach-side summer feel; ironically the cover art includes the beach with a palm tree and the water’s waves. The track opens up with Junii’s r&b side before effortlessly transitioning to a rapid, yet calm storm of rapping that begins around the one minute mark. The mellow chorus “Slide on the avenue it’s a quarter past two / I don’t trust too many people in this world I’d be foolish if I put it past you” sets the theme of the song, as Junii ponders whether or not to make an exception to this rule for a certain someone. Stream “Avenue,” the latest hit single from Junii below!

Words by Brandon Washington