Autumn in New York-[Miiles]

Nothing is more refreshing than coming across artists who are equally as talented as they are creative. You would think the two go hand in hand, but you’d be surprised at the number of artists who might not be the best at translating their music sensibility to its creative counterpart. The ability to not only create music, but also create a world around your music is a valuable trait to have and today, I have the pleasure of showcasing an artist who does just that.

Miiles is a 26 year old artist based in Los Angeles, California who recently caught my attention. The Charlotte native made his way onto my radar through my submissions email and ever since stumbling on his music, I’ve been continuously intrigued. The up and comer sent through his latest collection of songs called, “Autumn in New York” and after listening all the way through, it was definitely apparent that this guy has the talent to stick out in the industry. Accompanied with the music is a really cool short film for his track called, “Words of Wisdom” that stood out as well. From a creative level, the visual is shot extremely well as it feels like there truly is a world building around Miiles and his music.

From top to bottom, I really love everything that’s going on here musically. The production is smooth and Miiles has an amazing understanding of his talents and how to maximize them through the verses and hooks. This up and comer has something here and it’s an honor to be able to show him some love on the page today. I’ve attached the links down below to his music, so tap in asap and let us know what you think!