Auf Wiedersehen & SMOKIN! Freestyle – [BBY Goyard]

Anyone who pays attention to the articles I write should be all too familiar with BBY GOYARD by now. I can’t help but tune in whenever he drops new music and that means I’m tuning in sometimes multiple times per week because of the constant output he can somehow produce. It’s like he’s a machine and the songs just flow out of him, even though it’s insane because, as I’ve said before, none of his releases sound at all similar. He has a few common styles, voices, and effects he uses, but none of these ever replicate music he or anyone else has brought to life previously. It sucks because it seems like GOYARD is going to be one of those artists who is constantly underappreciated for the incredibly inventive style of music he creates because people aren’t ready to respect it but once they wake up, Shannon is going to be everywhere, and for good reason.

Most recently, he dropped off a song entitled “Auf Wiedersehen”, and before I even had a chance to write about that, he delivered another freestyle called “SMOKIN!”, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and highlight both of these releases. Once again, going from one to the other is going to shock and impress you, as it did with me because it’s hard to fathom that the same person made these two wildly different tracks. On “Auf Wiedersehen”, a dreamy, wistful synth plays out in the background as crisp, delightful percussion and pure, unclouded drums play out. At certain points, you can briefly hear a flute play a quick riff and even some horns in the distance, but these seem to come and go as they please.

As he comes in to sing, he uses the perfect style of his to mesh with the beat, opting for his higher-pitched singing delivery that is simply angelic at times. His autotune breaks up some of his notes in a perfectly imperfect fashion, and he seems to nonchalantly mozie his way throughout the song. At a certain point, he lowers the tone of his voice and gets slightly sterner for a few bars before going back to his original sound and carrying us until the end utilizing some of his creatively humorous yet impressive wordplays. To finish the track, he basically just repeats the same phrase over and over for a while like a broken record to the point where just when you’re not sure if he’s going to continue doing so or not, he holds back and allows the beat to ride out until the culmination of the track.

As for “SMOKIN! Freestyle”, GOYARD recruited 808Mafia hitmaker Shawn Ferrari to produce this banger, and that’s how you know the vibe is going to completely switch up from the previous song to this one. Intense, rotating synths combine with ruthless hats and booming drums to provide a hasty, insecure instrumental that is sure to make any situation pop off. He kind of just talks and mumbles at the beginning, not trying to rhyme but rather get the rhythm of the track and prepare for when he goes in. When he does, you can tell it’s off the top of his head because he doesn’t necessarily rhyme in any of the conventional ways I’ve heard previously, but the lines he spits are just as entertaining as ever. Comically mentioning how he should have worn his other shirt just to flex makes it seem as if he only has two tops to his name, which actually made me laugh out loud for some reason, but he continues on to share some impressive lines that might not shatter your brain, but they’ll keep you entertained without a doubt, especially for coming up with them on the spot.

While these two songs might not be anything crazy or wild compared to some of his other offerings, it’s so entertaining to hear them side by side, even if that’s not how they’re intentionally supposed to be played. The first track is so light, airy, and just carefree while the other is gritty, ruthless, and stark. Not only are the beats almost complete opposites of one another, but Shannon’s voice also sounds completely different in both songs. Had I not known so much about the talented artist, I would have thought that these were two separate offerings from two different individuals, and that’s impressive in and of itself. I highly suggest you give these two brand-new songs a listen because even if one isn’t for you, the other just might be. In all honesty, though, they’re both hits so don’t be surprised or confused if you find yourself playing both of these nonstop moving forward.