“Attachments” – [Mycrazyro]

Mycrazyro has only six videos posted on his YouTube channels, but each video ranges from 23K – 251K views, making it clear the Long Beach, California native already has an established fan base to make significant noise across streaming platforms. His Soundcloud library is riddled with reposts and likes, with certain tracks surpassing the million mark in streams. Beginning in 2018 with a hit, “Switched Up,” Mycrazyro rode his unique delivery and early stardom to broader crowds, finding success further on YouTube with a half-dozen music videos accompanying his top tracks.

“Attachments” is Mycrazyro’s latest release, with the video dropping just last evening, September 20th. The video is simplistic yet inviting, with mirroring and lighting effects that provide a mellow, wavy energy that coincide well with the track. The song promotes a smooth flight, with Mycrazyro’s soothing vocalics and blended lyricism gliding without turbulence. “My heart broke, but it’s gon’ be alright.” The Long Beach native cries lyrics of hardship and pain, mostly in reference to issues with relationships and women. 

The video and track are already gaining popularity, with it garnering 2k + views within just a half day of its release. Hop on board with Mycrazyro in his latest track, “Attachments,” on YouTube below!