Ytn Dane gets the assist from ATL’s Peewee Longway in “Nun To Prove.”

Looking to add to the impressive talent that Georgia has produced is Ytn Dane, a newcomer on the scene who’s already making noise in her recent collaboration with Atlanta icon Peewee Longway with single/video release “Nun To Prove.”

Dane’s struggles with recent loss and nostalgic memories of growing up around the music industry make her introduction to the scene even more impactful, and you can tell how much this track meant to her.

Locking in a legendary feature like Peewee Longway will make a splash in itself, but to supplement that feature with the performance that Dane did is another feat in itself. The delivery and differences in verse style were impressive, but the hook sold it even further. The combination of that all, with an unsurprising hit verse from Peewee Longway, makes this track a replayable banger for the masses of hip-hop to enjoy for some time to come.

The visual is dope too, done by Shawt Films. Drone flyovers, city skyscapes, and a variety of shot locations make this joint feel like the professional production it is, and the added effects put the cherry on top.

Overall, the song and video to newcomer Ytn Dane’s new track “Nun To Prove” are a collaborative hit, especially for someone new to the scene, and I’m eager to see how she builds off the hot start. Check it out on YouTube below!