Atlanta’s Most Wanted – [Ola Runt]

Ola Runt’s prolific behind-bars run of faithfully dropping music continues today with the release of the much anticipated project Atlanta’s Most Wanted that is another collections of songs Ola left behind. If you are a die-hard Ola Runt fan then you have already heard a few of these tracks, but it is still unbelievable to me that now after months of incarceration Ola is still able to pump out a steady-stream of music that still has not taking a drop in quality and is yet to lose its experimental edge. It is honestly a tragedy that Ola has been taken away from us as he is easily one of the very most exciting Atlanta artists to surface within the decade and unlike so many others in his city Ola never once shied away from pushing boundaries and trailblazing his way to his own unique flows and sound. “Zion and Zay” is a melodic new cut I had not yet heard from Ola, as is the VL Deck and 24Lefteye assisted “Zone 6” where the trio memorialize the area lost to gentrification through a romanticized lens of a violent and drug-addled, albeit tight-knit and very historical, remembering the good and the bad and regardless of how you feel on the issue it is always sad to see people lose their homes, especially ones in an area that has so much longstanding tradition and pride.

“Space Jam” is another one of my favorites from Atlanta’s Most Wanted for Ola’s animated flows, skating up and down the beat dropping off his sarcastic double-entendres at the end of each bar. Fellow Atlanta artist Nutso ThugN makes a couple production appearances across the tape, my favorite being the ominous and suspenseful “A Dream I Went Legit” where Ola shines as usual with his wise yet reckless street lyrics. I sincerely hope that Ola gets out soon and it makes me very sad that he isn’t able to enjoy the fruits of his relentless hard work over the past two years that saw him rise from anonymity to superstardom and perhaps was the last great rapper from the real Zone 6.

Today, Ola has a new visual for the AR-produced track “Literature” that consists of VHS-footage from a past studio session before his arrest, as well.