Atelier – [Andy Z6]

Although we may predominately associate Atlanta with Hip Hop, much of Georgia’s capital biggest draws as of late, for me at least, have come from the talented artists that operate in the grey-area between Pop and R&B. One of the most recent acts I have come across that I cannot seem to stop listening to is the genre-merging ability of Andy Z6. His latest three-track release Atelier is a truly compelling listen that showcases a clear talent and range from an artist who seems to know exactly what he is doing.

The 11-minute showcasing jumps right into the glamour that makes Andy’s vocal strength and ear for production so inviting. The undeniable bounce and bright guitar melody of the three-packs opener, “Let’s Just Say,” is a gripping start to an impressive set of songs that finds Andy showcasing his multifaceted ability as an artist. Atelier’s second record, “Baguette,” contrasts the opener by reeling in the tempo, delivering a more laid-back soundbed that allows the Georgia based artist to flex his ability to captivate even when things are moving a little bit slower on the production side of things. The conclusion to the short-lived stay of the three-part showcasing, “Florence Freestyle,” is a hopeful declaration of future achievements. Despite any hardship or turmoil that may exist in Andy and feature-mate Michael Aristotle’s lives the two understand that success is imminent.  

Listen to Atelier by Andy Z6 below.