At It Again – [REASON]

Top Dawg Entertainment musician REASON has been making massive waves over the past handful of years, but his biggest wave is just on the horizon. The Carson, CA artist has thankfully released a new single titled “At It Again”, and it’s a vibrant display of his musical talent. The song, produced by Tariq Beats, is a testament to the rapper’s ability to deliver punchy lyrics over upbeat, energetic production.

This record seems to serve as an announcement that REASON is back in album mode, and it’s clear that he’s not holding back. The track is bursting with a logical confidence that’s infectious, as the emcee’s smooth flows and clear deliveries work hand-in-hand with the lively instrumental to create a genuinely tremendous experience. It’s a track that feels like a statement more than a one-off release, as if REASON is saying that he’s back and ready to take on the world.

The production on “At It Again” is awesome, with Tariq Beats delivering an infectiously bouncy instrumental that perfectly adds to the California native’s approach. It’s filled with compelling melodies and crisp drums that are sure to get heads nodding, but the musician’s overall vibe is positively outrageous and full of energy.

His wordplay on the track is similarly assertive as he seems to celebrate his own success while taking aim at those who doubted him. His lyrics pour out of him effortlessly as he readily glides over the beat, delivering punchy lines that are sure to reminisce with fans. It’s a record that’s all about seizing the moment and making the most of every opportunity, and REASON’s delivery is perfectly suited to this message.

This single is a superb example of REASON’s all-encompassing talents that highlight many of the countless things that he is capable of. The track’s mischievous vibe allows the spitter to focus on bringing the heat without any interruptions, and it’s sure to get heads nodding and feet tapping. “At It Again” is a welcome return for an artist who has been sorely missed, so stay tuned for album details as it’s clear that REASON is back and ready to take on the world once again.