Few people in the entire music industry have impacted me quite as BBY GOYARD has, and I am honestly the person and music fanatic I am because of him. He was one of the first underground artists that my brother put me onto after constantly hounding me about how insanely talented and unique he was, so probably close to a half-decade ago, I finally tapped in, and my world was flipped upside down. GOYARD was making music that sounded like it came from outer space and a mystical, fairytale land at the same time, and even though this isn’t even close to doing Lil Shannon’s artistry justice, it’s just so difficult to explain what you’re hearing, but once you take time to listen, you know just how much of a trendsetter he was born to be.

To put it as simple as possible, it seemed like every new release he put out sounded like something you’d never even imagine you’d hear in a billion years, and when he would drop something new a week later, it was completely different sonically but equally as inventive and out-of-the-box. Thanks to this legend, my mind was opened to the fact that music doesn’t have to be created by the book in order to sound incredible. In fact, the book should be burned and discarded on all ends because it holds countless others back from unleashing their true creative potential, and GOYARD is the picture-perfect example of what can be brought to life if you don’t let boundaries confine your art as well as what is possible when you let naysayers fuel your fire rather than tear you down.

I know this is a much longer introduction than I typically write, but there should be books written on BBY GOYARD’s impact on the music scene so it is more than necessary, and his first song of the year entitled “ASTRAL PROJECTIONS” shows him at his very best once again. Produced by Shawn Ferrari and Sinco, heavy 808s, stealthy synths, and ear-piercing percussion come together for a sort of organized chaos, giving Shannon the keys to be the ringleader of this captivating circus of sounds.

As he comes in, his vocals are pitched up as we are used to hearing in other various offerings, but his flows are refreshed and his dynamism is truly something to behold. Of course, it wouldn’t be a BBY GOYARD song without alarming horns, stuttered phrases, and slowed/pitched down lines that find themselves reinvigorated to boost the energy even higher in the following bar. I could seriously go on for days considering the impact the Maryland icon has had on me and my musical taste personally, but I definitely believe that his imagination is best ingested on your own.

Basically, BBY GOYARD was some form of hyperpop (or whatever you want to label it) before hyperpop was even a concept in the back of anyone’s mind, and with the way that the industry is heading, it seems like these classic songs are going to be bigger than ever years from now because Shannon is way ahead of his time, but the mainstream scene simple wasn’t/isn’t ready for the meteorite that is BBY GOYARD.

Even though I think that he deserves all of his flowers and then some immediately, I just think it could take a bit of time before the rest of the world catches up, so when he is topping charts in the year 2030, just know that there was so much work that was put in and even more limitations that were broken in order to get there. I definitely can’t wait for what the future holds for BBY GOYARD, but if it is anything like I expect, I think the foundation that he has set up for himself will be more than sturdy enough to take him to the top, and I am beyond thrilled to watch his career continue to build and come together as the years go on.