askofme – [mynameisntjmack]

Whether you’ve been a fan of mynameisntjmack for some time or this article is your first introduction to his music, I can promise you that you’ll walk away with an even deeper appreciation for his art after reading this. Not once in my memory can I recall a time where the 757-native didn’t come correct and his new single, “askofme”, continues on this encouraging trend. The last we heard from jmack dates back to his breakthrough, “BOOKMARK”, EP in late-April, but rest assured that there was little to no downtime for the promising up-and-comer as he follows it up with his new single, “askofme”, which showcases one of the most introspective and unfiltered versions of jmack yet.

Every great rapper has one of those standout tracks in their discography that might not have all the makings for a hit record, but is integral to their listeners’ overall understanding and perspective around who they are as an artist and human-being. Sometimes you just need to hear your favorite artist vent for a few minutes to gain an even greater admiration for them, and for me that’s what “askofme” is. A storytelling mastermind that seamlessly weaves through the ins-and-outs of the sample and piano-driven instrumental (shoutout to Gutty, Joe Aste, and NDK), mynameisntjmack opens the doors to his mind for three and a half minutes to give a little insight into the stresses of his life that show in the forms of self-medication, mental health struggles, relationship tension, and financial pressures. 

Reminiscent of my personal G.O.A.T., J. Cole, in “askofme” mynameisntjmack plays on the relatability-factor of his own experiences and delivers a message that is far more universal than most of us are willing to admit. An even-keeled lyrical assassin, we see mynameisntjmack shine in “askofme” through his raw emotion and self-understanding, rather than spiteful or braggadocios bars that are too often cluttered with false realities. An honest record which needs to be treasured for its vulnerability, I’ll be sure to spin jmack’s “askofme” to keep me grounded during the highs and level during life’s lows. Check it out using the links below!