Ashanti Flow – [12k Gotti]

Cleveland’s own, 12k Gotti offers a reimagined old-school sound with a modern delivery to the Midwest’s revolving repertoire of underground music through his measured flows, tasteful beat selection, and infinitely measured punchlines narrating autobiographical stories over an eclectic array of soulful beats. Defying geographical biases, Gotti’s ahead of its time sound can’t be cornered into any singular scene, and audiences are beginning to take notice. Gotti has recently gained a handful of influential cosigns, and his recent momentum has been a testament to that, notably taking the stage in support of MIKE’s Ipari Park Tour. 12k Gotti’s bravado-filled lyrics compliment his smooth and consistent delivery, which offers an undeniably smooth listening experience each and every time.

Gotti’s standout track, Ashanti Flow, blew me away on my first listen back in April, a straight-up gift tossed to me by my YouTube algorithm after casually flipping through Niontay’s discography. Gotti delivers bar after bar of pure confidence, surgically articulated with unrelenting energy as he coasts from one memorable punchline to another. The entirety of the track is performed over one of my favorite 9th Wonder instrumentals, BreadWonderSoul!!!! and Gotti spazzed. The track is told through the lens of the prolific Atlanta-based media company, The Diggers, who frame the high-energy track with fast-paced cuts that add another dimension of likeability to the already charismatic track. 

12k Gotti’s eclectic sound mirrors the cocktail of influences that being from the Midwest inherently exposes you to, and he’s bringing a tangible pulse to the region’s rap scene and beyond. Recently, Gotti has collected co-signs across mediums from ear-to-the-streets curators like daymondwho to prominent playlisting from Apple Music, among others. Gotti’s fresh sound is undeniable, and I’ll be eagerly waiting for what he has to offer next. Tap in with his track, Ashanti Flow, using the links below.