Arya – [Nigo] ft. [A$AP Rocky]

I don’t think it’s a very controversial thing whatsoever to say that Nigo has left one of the most notable marks on this Earth so far, and he is still in the prime of his career. If you’re familiar with the Japanese icon, as you should be, it could be because of a plethora of reasons including his creation of BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, or Human Made, amongst many other brands, or his impact on the music world thanks to his group the Teriyaki Boyz as well as his work with countless other world-renown talents over the years.

It has been almost two decades since we last received a solo album from the legendary talent, but that hiatus will come to an end this March with the release of his upcoming album I Know Nigo, and I couldn’t be more impatient for a project to drop. In order to get some buzz surrounding what is sure to be an incredible album, Nigo teamed up with A$AP Rocky to deliver an absolute hit entitled “Arya”, and the results speak for themselves.

Aside from this flawless single, there is also an AWGE-directed music video that is as clean as visuals get, and it has to be one of my favorite parts of this entire release. Subtle flexing is definitely the name of the game in this miniature movie as Rocky finds himself walking around an insanely luxurious estate wearing copious amounts of designer clothes, specifically Gucci and Human Made, and cleaning countless diamond-studded pieces of jewelry just to show off his collection rather than intentionally throw his wealth in your face.

No matter where Rocky wanders off to, he is even joined by Nigo himself as well as Pharrell and Kid Cudi who all provide even more star power to the momentous event that is this song and music video. “Arya” definitely exploits both Nigo’s and Rocky’s extensive skillset while playing to their very prominent strengths, making it a release that can’t fly under your radar for even another second.