ARSONIST – [Dro Kenji]

I’ve been writing for Lyrical Lemonade for almost 4 consecutive years now, so if you’ve read any of my articles throughout this duration, you’ve probably heard me talk about Dro Kenji. He was an emcee that just took me by surprise from the minute I first hear his music, and even with the abundance of releases that he has put out, he never fails to impress to this day.

Thankfully, the South Carolina-born talent just put out his latest video single “ARSONIST”, and it’s a captivating display of his uniquely reflective style. With his contagious deliveries, Dro explores his toxic desires over a spacey instrumental courtesy of Cxdy, Frankie Bash, and Bak Beats. The record finds him yearning for some sort of spite, just to confirm that he can still feel any sort of emotion.

The video, directed by Keaton Jones, opens with Kenji pacing around an extravagant estate, smoking and basking in his feelings. Throughout the visual, Dro indulges in his not-so-good habits including making money rain on a dancer at a strip club, taking the stage for a performance on his “ANYWHERE BUT HERE Tour”, and hopping in the booth to further express his self-destructive affinities into the microphone. Keaton’s direction creates a moody, introspective atmosphere that matches Kenji’s introspective lyrics, but I’m not even slightly surprised after some of the magic I’ve seen come to life thanks to the directorial visionary.

“ARSONIST” follows Dro’s January SoundCloud single “YOU DON’T LOVE ME”, which immediately set the stage for his already exciting year. In 2022, the emcee released three full-length projects, including WITH OR WITHOUT YOU and his LOST IN HERE EP. With each new offering, Dro is prospering while scaling up the ranks of the rap world. He channels his internal agony along with his inner indulgences through every individualistic melody that he delivers, revealing himself and his aptitudes to a consistently growing squadron of fans. As he continues his rise into the spotlight, Dro Kenji is a force to be reckoned with, but don’t just take it from me, take it from “ARSONIST” and any other record featured in his extensive discography!