ATL-based rapper LOCS returns to us this week with the long-awaited release of his newest EP ARRIVAL – a painstakingly polished collection of high-energy and forward-thinking bangers primed for your weekly rotation. When we last heard from LOCS, the young artist had just dropped “Younging”, a warping and hypnotic track that was easily one of the most electrifying tracks to grace our pages in a minute. With the release of ARRIVAL – and the accompanying visual for “D4TC” – LOCS makes a strong case for 2022 being his year with a project that showcases not only his affinity for clever writing, but a high-octane energy that needs to be heard to be believed.

After my first listen of ARRIVAL there were a few key takeaways that became immediately apparent to me. The first, and perhaps most significant, is how unrelenting and consistent LOCS’ delivery is. This statement rings true across all of his releases, so this should not come as a surprise to those already initiated to his music, but there were several moments on this EP where I found myself astonished at LOCS’ versatility and aggression. I found myself rewinding back to hear specific verses or lines once more, whether it was on the ominous futurism of focus-track “D4TC” or the distinctly Yeezus-adjacent “Hand To The Sky” with Brandyn Burnette. The second takeaway is that ARRIVAL feels like a project born out of an authentic and sincere passion for music – made with a deep reverence for those who came before him, and respect for those that will follow in his footsteps. From ARRIVAL‘s mechanical production or its unique writing style, LOCS continues to move forward in a lane of his own, indifferent to copying trends or riding another person’s wave.

The final takeaway I had while listening to this project was that LOCS possesses not only a great deal of talent, but the talent he is graced with is uncommon. LOCS has an IDK-meets-JID charisma that can’t really be learned or emulated. He’s his own artist, deadset on becoming an important fixture in not only Atlanta’s cultural canon, but also the modern pantheon of hip-hop greats. With more music hopefully slated for the near future, LOCS is an artist that deserves your eyes and ears as summer turns to fall.

Check out LOCS’ new EP ARRIVAL below: