Area Codes – [GUY]

Guy returns with new visuals for his single entitled “Area Codes.” For newcomers and past listeners “Area Codes” offers something new compared to the rest of Guy’s catalog. This record comes off more braggadocious and you’ll see him surrounded by his confidants while the city lights illuminate the background. The young emcee uses shades of hip-hop and R&B to showcase how potent and advanced his pen is. Guy doesn’t take a lackadaisical approach during his songwriting process and it’s evident because he really doesn’t waste a bar when structuring his raps. His tone is smooth, silky, and never really forced, which is a key component to what makes Guy such an interesting rising prospect in the underground rap space. This type of music isn’t flashy or gimmicky so it will take its time to grow onto people and for it to find its core audience. However, once found Guy has the type of music to create a loyal core fan base.

Watch the music video for Guy’s single “Area Codes” for yourself after the break.