Are You Ready? – [Papithbk]

As an avid fan of Hip-Hop, and music in general, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. Something refreshing.

For months, I’ve been looking for good music coming out of Australia. The day has finally come and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I would like to properly introduce Papithbk to the world.

The Australian rapper/singer flexes his versatility throughout his entire debut EP, EP. His most recently released single, “Are You Ready?” is an introspective glance of Papi’s expectations of what is to come with his success. With over 12 million streams on Spotify alone, the rapper has gained tremendous momentum at a pace he could not have imagined. Thus, making the recently rising star conscientious of who he hangs around. “Always be careful who you tellin all your secrets cuz all the wounds close range are the deepest.”

Papi and his team recently moved to Los Angeles, so bringing attention to Papi is important to me because it also brings attention to a new sound, wave, and vibe. Something refreshing.

Connor Fowler, the producer of the track, makes good use of a beautiful sample chop accompanied by a luscious bass and a slamming kick. Additionally, Papi’s tone, accent, and impressive ability to seamlessly switch modes from crooner to rapper is beyond original.

In my eyes, if you are able to bring something creative and original to the table, sound good while doing so, and remain relatable with a real message… You are an amazing artist. Papi is that artist. I usually compare the artists I write up to their influences, but when I hear Papi, I only hear Papi.

Australia has produced a superstar waiting to erupt on the scene. Give it some time. You will be seeing Papi’s name everywhere very soon.

Words by Barry R