Apple Pie – [Al Hostile] x [dimijay]

In the mood to slow it down? Look no further, Al Hostile, in collaboration with executive producer dimijay, just released a five-track EP titled Apple Pie. If you read my work, you know I’ve got a soft spot for serenades, and Al Hostile must’ve known it. I love to listen to slow jams, and they probably consume most of the time I spend listening to music, with a lot of my listening time spent in the easy-listening category. Apple Pie definitely fits into that category.

Al’s got some incredible vocal talent which almost seems effortless from song to song, especially over the dimijay-produced instrumentals that seem molded perfectly for the vocals. I think personally my favorite track has gotta be “Smoke Break,” and the beat by dimijay definitely has a part to play in that selection.

This project is one your girl will like, and I know for a fact Al had that in mind after reading his IG bio. Buy her some flowers, clean up the living room, throw on Apple Pie, and thank me later. This 10-minute project offers a sound that makes it seem much longer. hear for yourself below on Spotify!