Apologies in Advance – [Sylan LaCue]

Admittedly, Sylvan LaCue is a name I had not heard of until earlier this week when he popped up on my Twitter timeline with a new 20-track album titled Apologies in Advance. Seeing that so many people were tweeting about it, I decided to give the project a listen, and I was simply blown away. As LaCue describes it, this album attempts to look at our emotional problems one by one in an AA meeting sort of format, utilizing each track to zero in on and confront a different emotion. Weaved in between these confrontations are the steps to follow in this healing and self-discovery, and although they may be interludes, they contribute greatly to the project as a whole and truly make for a spectacular concept album that I would recommend to just about anyone. LaCue’s talents run deep in the areas of lyricism and delivery specifically, as he is able to peel away each layer of the emotional barriers seen within the project. Overall, you can really tell that this Florida artist put his all into Apologies in Advance, so be sure to listen below and get hip to what is an early favorite album for me in 2018.