Apocalypse WOW – [Huron John]

New to our pages yet beyond deserving, Chicago native Huron John just delivered a new visual that will have you glued to your screen. The young artist does it all, making himself very self-sufficient and as DIY as they come.

As described by his team, Apocalypse WOW is a full-length, themed project that will be released in the form of 9 singles over the course of next year (2020). “From windows-down breakup anthems to intimate verses about the struggles of depression and anxiety, the project combines an entirely unique and personally transparent style with total accessibility”, they said, that John did all by himself. The visual below, in my opinion, showcases John’s captivating uniqueness and artistic ability as there isn’t one scene that feels like someone or something that’s already been done. Furthermore, “it follows a thematic format of a fantasy video game; encapsulating the warped and rainbow world that John’s music lives in.” Lastly and most importantly, “this visual is intended to be a glimpse into the universe that Apocalypse WOW describes: an overly-saturated portal that transports you directly back to whatever your definition of the ‘good-old-days’ is.”

Be sure to get familiar with Huron John and his upcoming project by watching his video for Apocalypse WOW below and by following him on Instagram and Spotify