Aolani EP – [Aolani]

Aolani, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter out of LA, dropped her debut EP last week. The self-titled project blends cozy, groovy RnB with elements of dream pop, allowing for a full introduction into her world. The rising artist’s songwriting centers around love, relationships, and all the feelings that come along. Aolani writes from a place of unguarded vulnerability, and while the lyrical content itself may not jump out at a listener, the emotions running through Aolani’s mind carry over seamlessly in her inflections. On the production end, entrancing synths and syncopated lo-fi percussion accentuate the softness of her vocals throughout. As she floats almost weightlessly across these 8 tracks, Aolani carves out a space for herself in the up-and-coming RnB genre that’s all her own. Stream the EP below, and keep up with Aolani’s Soundcloud page here.