Another – [Saturn] x [d0llywood1]

Even in such a young and still-developing scene as the coming next wave of pop acts moving forward, the essence of experience and craftsmanship effectively shines through within few artists who have been pushing this sound forward for the longest time — far longer than most of their contemporaries at that.

That is a title that both Saturn and d0llywood1 can hold extremely close to their own respective artistic statuses without question. Though the landscape they find themselves in is completely saturated with an endless amount of acts – most of them being talented by themselves in some sort of manner – these two are responsible for paving the way for what will soon be considered across the board as one of the most influential periods in music history within this new millennium. That is how influential both of their work has become up to this point, and it is easy to see why when noting their exceptional prowess in not only going down as genre-defining, but also genre-creating.

So it is no surprise that these two would come through with such a seamless, spotless, and practically flawless new offering together as they did with the recently released “Another.” Seeing assistance from Kuru and Kaito on production, these two flaunt their unmatched expertise in this lane better than possibly any other duo could to this point, and again, it truly stems back to how these two have come to hone their craft over quite the longest time compared to most others.

The aforementioned paring of the two Graveem1nd mainstays on production would serve to elevate any act that got on a beat like this, let alone such influencers as these two on the mic. This instrumental is as infectious as ever, seeing its gripping percussion match perfectly with the memorable synth riff that drives the entire experience forward. The vocal interludes that correspond with the No More Heroes-inspired cover art also add a necessary thematic element to the song that elevates it even further in that light.

But it is both Saturn and Dolly’s outstanding mic work here that sets this single in a complete lane of its own Saturn’s atypical balance of gloomy and direct demeanors found within his unique vocal delivery are indeed present here, but the way this performance works hand-in-hand with the solemn lyrical sentiments he brings along with the melancholic beat all the same makes his presence that much more engaging and apparent. Dolly then follows this up with a tried and true verse that speaks to her own artistry as well, coming through with a performance that is equally animated as it is structurally sound and remarkably resounding.

It is certainly one thing to make a song that embodies each and every aspect of a given scene, but when this is done by artists who have the essentially hidden ability to enhance those aspects to their highest possible levels, the only resulting product possible is a song that serves as the thesis statement for that entire landscape as a whole. That is exactly what these two have done here with this track, and it should come as no surprise as to why when fully recognizing the influence these two have brought in years past, and will continue to bring for years to come.