annie-[Tyler Lauren]

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today is up and coming artist named, Tyler Lauren. If you’re a fan of all things R&B and honestly just good music in general, then it’s imperative for you to pay attention to this article very closely. I stumbled on Tyler’s music this past weekend and since the moment I took my first listen, it was evident that she was going to be someone I keep my eyes on for the remainder of the year.

When you come across talent that’s just undeniable, it’s important to latch on to it as soon as possible; that’s the case with Tyler and her recent song “annie” boasts an energy and intrigue that will make you an instant fan. Based out of the Karkin/Patwin Indigenous lands in Vallejo, California, the up and comer is no stranger to music as she explained to me that it’s always been a part of her life since growing up. This has directly impacted the maturity and confidence that the 23-year-old sings with which completely enhances the music quality. She has a gift and it’s such a blessing getting to see it up close and personal.

I got the chance to ask Tyler about her knockout track “annie” and she graciously explained that:

“I wrote “annie” in the studio while Thomas was making the beat. I was angry that day, mostly about the experiences that I’d eventually mention in the song. Then the beat came in and there was this Outkast/Sleepy Brown snare nostalgia to it. I started writing exactly what I wanted the song to feel like: I wanted it to smell like cocoa butter and soul food, sound like freestyle sessions in a hatchback, and look like Air Forces in a church pew. Sometimes, conscious Black rage looks like that scene. I just started writing and didn’t stop until we were laying down the demo.”

Everything that Tyler aimed to create in this song came to life and I’m so hype that I got to cover it today. I’ve linked the song down below, so give this one a listen and stay tapped in with Tyler!