Anger Management – [Rico Nasty] & [Kenny Beats]

After several listens, front to back, I can confidently say that Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats have blessed us with a classic album. Now more than ever, listeners gravitate to singles and curated playlists to discover music, this is why an album that is meant to be played in order is refreshing to see from a trailblazing artist like Rico. Everything in my criteria for a great album is hit on Anger Management. There is an overall narrative that builds as the album progresses, a diverse range of her musical abilities, distinct personality, the chemistry between producer and artist, and levels of energy that could only be replicated at a nuclear testing site.

What makes this album so special is the fact that listening to it in order provides an experience that truly feels like dealing with an outburst of rage. Anger Management starts out gun blazing, with Rico at peak energy raging on the beat like she’s mad at it. Her intensity is felt immediately on “Cold” and it carries through to the frantic sequel “Cheat Code”, co-produced by Baauer. Kenny Beats caught me by complete surprise when the iconic “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” is sampled on “Hatin”, Rico takes it a step further and flips Jay-Z’s lyrics into an empowerment anthem. Baauer returns with his larger than life production on “Big Titties” alongside Earth Gang, who provide incredibly bouncy verses that compliment eclectic beat perfectly.

The project shifts to a calmer tone on “Relative”, acting as a moment of clarity in what began as pure anger. This was one of my favorite songs on the album as it shows a side of Rico Nasty we haven’t seen much of. It is no surprise that SPLURGE’s sinister verses pair perfectly with Rico over Kenny Beats’ industrial sounding production style on “Mood”. The album concludes with two songs that have Rico opening up to her fans in a more personal way. She has created a devout fanbase that relates to her music deeply, “Sell Out” and “Again” address her fans to enlighten them on her journey to stardom.

Overall, this project exceeded the high bar that was set by 2018’s Nasty. Rico and Kenny have become frequent collaborators, having a feature-length project from the pair is wildly exciting as they both bring out the best in each other’s talents. As we wait on visuals for this project to drop, we can only imagine that they will be made with the same amount of detail that went into the concept of this album. Highly recommend giving Anger Management a listen in order if you haven’t yet already. You can find the album on all streaming platforms here!

Mixed and Mastered by Alex Tumay