Angelus: The Next Generation’s Day One Superstar

To say that you’ve “been here since the jump” as an artist within a particular music scene is a common trait among those who’ve already seen whatever community they were a part of reach its highest limits. But to be able to say that in a scene that has decisively not even come close to arriving at its highest peak is quite a different concept with a great deal of weight attached to it.


But that is exactly the title that Angelus – a teenage phenom out of France – can claim to her place within the ever-rising next wave of pop music. Despite being as young as she is, she’s worked to pave the way for this burgeoning community since its earliest signs of starting — dating as far back as 2017. And through a combination of her sheer charisma and likability as a friend and frequent collaborative spirit first, along with her absolutely outstanding presence as both a defining talent of the scene on the mic and behind the boards, it’s extremely easy to see why this is exactly the case.


Since becoming one of the first figures in this now-highly saturated scene, she has developed so much in both of those aforementioned departments, where it is now ever-so-clear that the only thing left for her to accomplish is to follow suit with the rest of her contemporaries and crossover into the realms of superstardom, and little are as equipped as she is based on her current and coming mindset.

Though it’s clear to people in the know, others just entering this scene might not know how much of a veteran you already are with all of this. Describe to them your musical background with regards to where we are now in the scene.

Well I started out making lofi music a lot, and that led me to this repost chain that you had to pay $5 to get in, and in there I eventually got added to a Discord server where I started to meet more people that we now know in the scene and stuff. Like Ways was my first friend in there, but then I started meeting people like Dolly and all them, and we literally just started making music on there all day and slowly meeting all the people we see in the scene today.


You guys never made the same type of music, especially like you make now, so what were you making early on?

I mean it all started with my lofi shit, then I started making YouTube type beats, and then like trap metal and all that, but then I started getting these placements and shit and that was like it for me. The first placement I ever got was Eyekeem, and then people started noticing me and shit and I really just went up from there.


So you started going up, but besides those early placements, when did you feel like all of this was really becoming a huge deal?

Believe it or not, I just started feeling like that not too long ago. I’ve always wanted to make this music shit some sort of “thing,” but just recently it’s been hitting me like, “yo… I can feel something happening.” I was just looking back at all the stuff I’ve done by myself and with my friends too and just thinking, “damn… I’m kinda goated.” (laughs)


You’ve done so much as both someone who can hold their own on the mic and as a super frequent and talented producer, but a lot of people seem to see you as either one or the other. What can you say about that status you hold?

Honestly, I just want people to see me as a full artist rather than just one or the other. Like I’m just an artist who makes beats, does vocals, and just chills in my room and makes music. I’m not specifically either of those things.


And that’s something that you share with a lot of your friends and fellow artists like you for sure. A lot of people started to realize this when you guys really got things going around the start of the pandemic – that whole “stuck in my room making music” mentality – so did you feel like you guys were all starting to go up around that time?

Definitely not when it all started, but with time as the pandemic kept going, I would really start to think to myself like, “something is definitely happening right now.” Especially after my friends and I were getting cosigns from people, like so many more plays on our songs, and a bunch of other milestones. It made me think about how we’re actually doing this shit and it feels really good.


One of the coolest things about what you said there is that you guys are all going up together at pretty similar paces, but has there ever been a sense of competition between you guys, friendly or otherwise?

There’s definitely a little bit of competition that some people might have, and it sometimes might discourage ourselves when it happens, but most of the time we just disregard that because we’re all really going up right now. I used to really think about that kind of stuff a lot, but then I realized that we just all need to make music, and good things are gonna happen. There’s no huge secret with any of that, we just have to make music and that’s it.


What can you say about the current status that you guys all share right now the way you’re progressing as a unit?

I’m honestly just so happy right now. I’m literally so proud of everybody and the way we’ve come up. And I used to get a little discouraged from other people’s success like really, really early on, but now I’m just so happy for us all and it’s so great.


That makes so much sense considering how active you are in showing support to people in the scene in public. You’re always one of the most active people on places like Twitter and Instagram giving support, but how have your fans reacted to your own stuff?

When my fans DM me, I really just be seeing so many kind words and so much love, and I always try and respond to them and make sure they know I love them. Like I really try to spread the same love back that they give me, and it really makes me happy, and it even makes my day a lot of the time when I see them saying that. 


Based off of how happy those things make you, it makes me really curious how all of this music stuff online affects your real life attitude and even entire circumstances outside of the Internet.

As crazy as it sounds, I really have no idea. Like I’ve never really thought of that. Maybe it does because I’m from a different country than a lot of people in our scene, but I would say probably it does affect me that way I guess the more I think about it.


With all this being said, you seem so ready to keep pushing forward with this entire movement you helped to create. So what is coming next?

I have this insane song dropping very soon that’s produced by Fortuneswan from FromTheHeart, and we’re gonna have an entire visualizer dropping with it on the same day on the Novagang YouTube page. And then I’m also working on stuff with Umru and Alice Gas, along with shit with Dolly and really all the rest of my friends too. There’s so much good stuff I have that I’m ready to share with everybody, like I’m so ready to do this shit.