Angels – [tophillfreddo]

Out of all the different parts of the country that are bringing various styles of music to life, I have to admit that the DMV is one of my favorite regions to tap in with. It’s one of the first places that I got into when I dove into the underground a handful of years ago, so it definitely has a place close to my heart, but I am always amazed that it seems like this is one of the most under the radar parts of the country in terms of recognition for the wonderful music that is oozing out of these states.

Some of my favorite underground artists call this area home, but I am always on the hunt for talents I’m unfamiliar with, and when I heard raving reviews from friends and acquaintances alike about tophillfreddo, I quickly realized that I couldn’t waste another moment without tapping in with him. Although he has moved away from the DMV to the West Coast, he still maintains his own unique sound that is so addicting, and while I know there is still so much more for me to hear from Freddo, I know that his latest release “Angels” is a hit in and of itself, so I can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

In this track which is produced by the legendary hitmaker known as FISH, electric synths begin to paint the picture before swapping back and forth with chattering percussion and punchy drums. From the instant freddo comes in, he shows off a delivery full of vocal alterations that are energetic yet relaxed at the same time somehow, and even with the amount of autotune and other effects implemented into his sound, there isn’t a single part that overshadows freddo’s abundantly obvious skill set.

Whether he’s singing or spitting rapid-fire lyrics, freddo is constantly in control of everything which brings even more power to this addicting track, and the future is looking seriously bright for the up-and-coming noisemaker. Luckily, “Angels” is another single off of freddo’s upcoming debut album FAITH which is set to hit DSPs next Friday, February 18th, so while the wait hopefully won’t be too long, at least we have this awesome song and Luca Envy/Rickysinla-directed music video to hold us over.