Angels (The XX Cover)-[Jelani Aryeh]

Jelani Aryeh is a name that has gotten immensely popular over the last year alone. After spending my last year of Grad school in San Diego, it seemed like whenever the topic of music came up, everyone immediately focused the conversation to the up and comer who is immediately from there. In conversations alone, it was quite evident that Jelani has successfully created a name for himself that is going to live on for some time now.

You’ve seen him on the page of Lyrical Lemonade many times and thats due to the timeless classics that he creates; and today he makes it back on to our platform for a brand new cover for the song “Angels” by XX. For the past couple of months, I’ve been itching to hear more covers done by well-known artists and this rendition of Jelani’s falls short in no way and actually exceeds my expectation and excitement.

If you’ve heard any of Jelani’s music, then you’d know how distinctly memorable his angelic-like vocals are and this cover puts those on full display through and through. The original song is great, but this cover is most definitely going to be on my repeat rotation for the next coming weeks. What I love about this offering is the video that accompanies it. The DIY style video gives us a glimpse into Jelani’s creative process and is the perfect compliment to the laid back vibe that he delivers us.

Jelani is going to have a huge year and this is just the warm up! I’ve attached his “Angels” cover down below, so give this one ¬†spin and let us know what you think!