ANEMIC – [DavidTheTragic] [Kenny Mason]

Leaders of Atlanta’s new school Kenny Mason and DavidTheTragic are back together once again for their memorable new single “Anemic” where the pair who helped usher in the new Atlanta music scene join forces over a bouncy instrumental, bouncing over the beat with their own unique styles that are only becoming more distinct and fleshed out, as many of us were first introduced to their Atlanta movement in many of the artists’ creative infancy compared to where they are today. DavidTheTragic is on a roll now, following up his “LORI” and “Allergy” videos that show the groundbreaking sonic direction that David is headed in. David walks over the beat with his distinctive funky flow, dropping lyrics that are bound to fly over your head on your first or even second listen, and Kenny shows exactly why he is one of the most hyped upcoming artists out at the moment, skating from bar to bar, shifting his pitches and flows along the way with ease. With all of these new releases over the past several weeks I am sure that David is building into a project and I am eager to see what directions he takes his sound in and what production he favors as his music continues to travel in an interestingly avant-garde direction.