And 1 – [E the Profit]

There are so many artists who have had some amazing success in 2022, but for me personally, E the Profit has really gone leaps and bounds this year. He may not have become a household name as I expect he will sooner rather than later, but he has built his fanbase to be as loyal and consistently growing as I’ve ever seen, and I feel like even if his numbers aren’t as large as other emcees, they mean more because of the followers he has captivated. There are many admirable reasons why he has been taking off all year long, but I think the thing that has me excited is the fact that I simply can’t quite figure out his sound.

While this can be a troublesome thing for some emcees, E has dropped off so many different styles of music in 2022 alone that I’m always eagerly guessing what the next sound may be. He has teamed up with only a few other musicians over the last 12 months, so the majority of his releases are solo cuts, and this allows him to stretch himself thin enough to display his variety, but not too thin to the point of confusing listeners. His latest jam “And 1” is yet another example of his nimble skillset, and with a buoyant Rocco Roy-produced instrumental, it’s going to be your new favorite track before you even know it.

As the beat bounces along, E slides fluidly, giving us some simplistic yet creative lines mixed in with masterful cadences as he expresses a silky smooth dialogue that I could listen to on repeat for weeks on end. At this point, I don’t think there is a rap category that E hasn’t touched, and if there is, I have no doubt in my mind that he’d crush it if given the chance, so his latest hit “And 1” is yet another instant classic that you need to check out!