Ancient – [Redda]

Although I’m still a huge believer in the fact that producers deserve so much more credit, it feels like if a beatsmith makes enough magic, the masses will know about them. The one exception to this seems to be Redda, a 20-year-old hitmaker who has seen more success before he even turned 18 than most producers could even dream of. The Miami-born musician connected with other producers on Twitter, ultimately seeing his first glimpse of notoriety thanks to fellow instrumentalist Lunchbox who connected Sheck Wes with the up-and-comer ahead of his appearance on Mudboy, Sheck’s well-known album.

After this, Redda’s connection with the late, great Virgil Abloh led him to be included on the soundtrack of a Louis Vuitton fashion show in 2021 as well as modeling certain looks in the show as well. As he grew more notorious in the underground, he connected with Lancey Foux, Cris Dinero, WondaGurl, and even Future, amongst many others. What’s insane is the fact that he is just getting started, and even though his rapping career is even shorter than his producing hustle, he’s turning heads just as quickly.

Although his song “Ancient” is my first glimpse at his work as an emcee, it is all I needed to be an instant fan. Over some aggressively enthusiastic synths and deep, thunderous 808s, Redda shows his talents by diversifying his flows and incorporating a nonchalant yet unignorable charisma that I think will take him so much further in this industry than it already has. In the music video created by the iconic Moshpxt, JayJay Thakar takes Redda to a unique, sand-filled world that is brought to life thanks to the magic of green screens and animation, but even with so much going on, the edits are made masterfully and the impressive scenery never gets cheesy or out of hand.

It’s not often that I hear a track and instantly go to find out what else the musician has put out, but Redda really blew me away and I’m extremely eager to hear everything else he has dropped so far. I mean, I didn’t even realize he was the mastermind behind the instrumentals on a handful of tracks that I have been listening to for ages, so now that I’m aware, he’s someone I won’t be overlooking whatsoever as he continues his world domination.