AnChelo Is A New R+B Artist That You Should Become Familiar With

Born Anchelo Eliasin, AnChelo is challenging the typical R&B sound by giving listeners a new perspective on the genre. His music is fresh, with sounds influenced by other great artists in the R&B/soul genre. AnChelo has borrowed from music legends and used that to carve out his niche, which has seen him quickly cement his spot in the brutally-competitive industry. Two of his songs, “Take All My Love,” and “All Eyes on Me,” have each gained 1M plays on Spotify despite being less than one year old. His latest track, “A Night To Remember,” is also receiving a lot of attention.

AnChelo believes song lyricism compliments melody. Without one, it is hard to have authentic music and songs that speak to the heart and soul. He uses his music to share his story, talk about societal issues, and inspire others to live out their dreams with passion and commitment. The rising artist has written and released various songs, including “All Eyes on Me,” “Quarantine Nights,” “Win Or Lose,” “Remember the Name”, and “They Don’t Know”. AnChelo has also produced an EP, Legacy

As the debate on whether R&B is dead and whether it sounds the same continues, AnChelo is giving R&B fans something to talk about. He is showing people through his music that R&B is alive and is still diverse. AnChelo hopes to create more timeless, fresh/authentic R&B music and do more tours. AnChelo also hopes to help other young and aspiring artists through his record label, Leave a Legacy Entertainment.