Amusement – [Holly] ft. [UnoTheActivist]

One of my favorite things about music is the fact that all over the world there are incredible talents that lead to limitless possibilities of new offerings. Holly, a producer who hails all the way from Portugal, is a talent who I was previously unaware of, but that might be due to ignorance on my end more than anything else. I have no reason for this unawareness considering he released an overflow of about 600 songs in 2017 leading to the acceptance of various awards, and although he might have slowed down slightly since then, it seems virtually impossible to keep up with that kind of output. Considering he’s more of an EDM producer than anything else, this could be the sole reason why I didn’t know about his music, but his incorporation of Hip-Hop and experimental themes is something that put him on my radar, and this will also keep him there moving forward.

Most recently, although the song has been out for a few days at this point, he teamed up with Atlanta’s very own UnoTheActivist to deliver a brand-new banger entitled “Amusement” and I couldn’t be more excited. Due to the fact that Uno is Playboi Carti’s cousin, I’ve always kept an extremely close eye on him, and I’ve grown into a massive fan over the years, so I stopped whatever I was doing to tune into this out of the box yet incredible collaboration. As the beat begins, Holly utilizes spacey, resounding synths prior to a quick buildup to Uno’s slurred yet melodious words.

As Uno begins to ramble in his always tuneful style, his words are elevated by the outer space-themed synths in the background. This leads us to the beat drop as simple, succinct drums enter the picture as well as tribal-influenced percussion that is elevated by some sort of alienated whistle that assists the instrumental in the perfect way. Uno never truly raises the enthusiasm behind his delivery, per usual, but this laidback demeanor adds some much-appreciated tranquil vibes that bring this record to new heights. Although he mumbles, his words still come through loud and clear which allows you to take in every single lyric and grasp the different rhythmic themes he brings to life throughout this track.

A breakdown within the beat takes place almost a minute into the track where things begin to get slightly more muddy and gritty as Uno’s voice begins to echo and resound in your mind, leading to a massive drop that clearly fits into the EDM category of music, but still makes you want to get up and bang your head, leading me to visualize an entire crowd dancing and having a blast at some sort of concert or festival. While this drop is a bit more hardcore than the type of EDM music I typically prefer when I get into my electronic moods, it’s artistic and goes so hard that I can’t help but appreciate it.

After this drop, the beat simplifies but the liveliness of the instrumental is kept alive through hastily moving percussion as Uno speeds up his cadence and rides out perfectly with the newly found tempo. Finally, we’re reintroduced to the original production and flow for a brief moment before things start going off the rails once again, and the beat begins to build a second time, leading us to yet another ruthless drop that might be even better than the first due to the fact that listeners know what’s coming and the anticipation builds higher than ever before. This drop is different though, and it seems to be slightly calmer and more simplistic, but it still bangs either way. Finally, angelic sounds play for the last fifteen seconds, leading us peacefully out of this lively offering.

Once again, EDM might not always be my preferred genre of music and when I do decide to turn something on, I typically tend to lean more towards calm, serene tracks. Nonetheless, I have such an appreciation for music like this because although I can’t imagine just chilling with friends and listing to this in the background, I can imagine it being played at a party, concert, festival, or any sort of function for that matter and turning it up to the maximum. Uno’s addition to this record is perfect, in my opinion, because his nonchalant demeanor somewhat grounds the hecticness that is unfolding around him, and his melodious vocals truly bring this track to a different, yet wonderful place. After hearing “Amusement” featuring UnoTheActivist, I have a newfound appreciation for Holly and his music, and you better bet that I’m going to be tuning into his music much more moving forward. Whether you’re a fan of EDM or not, if you enjoy lively, upbeat music, you’re sure to enjoy this new offering, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get the chance.