American Reject (White House Freestyle) – [Taylor Bennett] x [Supa Bwe]

Chicago superstars Taylor Bennett and Supa Bwe are two of the OG artists who we have been rocking with here at LL for years now, they have worked together countless times in the past but one of my favorite collab joints they have ever done just got a brand new visual, the intro and title track to Taylor’s fantastic project! Nine months into 2019 when I look back at all of the great new music that has come out of Chicago this year, Taylor Bennett’s The American Reject stands near the very top of the pack, this record here was a fan favorite (me included) on the tape so I was happy to see it great a witty & clever music video to help bring it to life.

I loved this visual a ton for many reasons, but mainly because it was extremely unique & creative, you got to see the funny side of both Taylor and Supa and it was just flat out a feel-good watch for me. I could go on and on about this one but I’ll just let you get right into it, watch Supa Bwe transform into The Science Boy and Taylor Bennett do his best Bob Ross impression by pressing play below!

Presented By Art Camp • Griffin Olis