American Horror Story – [EARTHGANG]

It’s no secret that Atlanta is one of the most notable music hubs in all of rap, but it’s truly insane knowing that no matter what style, artist, or sound you’re looking for, the well will never run dry as long as rap music exists. Whether you’re looking for more trap-based sounds, unique individuals, or a more conscious, introspective style, ATL is a one-stop shop for anything you could imagine relating to hip-hop, and I think that this is a fact that is taken for granted way too often.

One of the greatest acts in all of music comes in the form of a duo known as EARTHGANG, but after typing that, I realized that this tag team is anything but unrecognizable. Comprised of Olu and WowGr8, or their alter egos Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, this dynamic duo has been on the scene for quite some time, and they have managed to drop off some of the most compelling songs to date, never avoiding a difficult topic or discussion but rather veering towards it in order to shine a light on some of the more relevant, important narratives that are going on in the world right now.

If you’re a fan, you should already know that their sophomore album Ghetto Gods is set to release on January 28th of next year, but in order to get fans even more excited, they dropped off a single from the project just a few days ago entitled “American Horror Story”. Produced by Natra Average, this track features a very unique and captivating instrumental full of soulful yet poignant instruments that ultimately come together for a lowkey, simplistic base that allows the two emcee’s words to shine more than anything else.

Olu’s words glide into your eardrums on the chorus, leading us right into his first verse where he gets much more candid and assertive, making sure that every single lyric hits you in the heart, just as it did for him as he was recording this portion. WowGr8 begins his verse with a melodic line that is followed up by a more straightforward response before he diversifies his cadence and shows you exactly why he’s one of the best spitters coming out of the southern state capital.

In a press release that comes with this song, EARTHGANG took the opportunity to expand on this song’s message and what it truly means:

“’American Horror Story’ is about the real story of living in America. It reflects the challenges, injustices, and hardships living as Black men in this country. Often when reflecting back on the year, the reality of the obstacles are not spoken about and the focus is purely on the positive. EARTHGANG would like to use this opportunity to speak about that reality.”

Once again, discussing this topic is not a new trend for the pair, but they always seem to share their point of view in a unique, unheard-of manner that is always appreciated and thought-provoking. While we wait for Ghetto Gods to be in our hands early next year, make sure you don’t miss out on EARTHGANG’s amazing new single “American Horror Story”.