American Boyfriend – [Kevin Abstract]

Los Angeles-based rapper/singer Kevin Abstract is only 20, but he has the attention of many in the industry. After gaining a significant amount of buzz from his debut tape MTV1987 in 2014 and a tape with his collective BROCKHAMPTON (All American Trash)  earlier this year, he signed a management deal with 4Strikes, who were the ones to take Odd Future under their wing when they first gained traction. Now, he’s released his long-awaited second full-length, titled American Boyfriend. Kevin’s music is impressive in its ambition and creativity – there are songs here that would fit right at home in a 90s teen movie, but will be followed up by a dark, personal track. The diversity of his sounds are just one strong point out of many; his lyrical content is raw and honest, and his prodution is always on point. This isn’t a straight up hip-hop record by any means, but it’s a must listen for fans of the genre (or any genre, really.). It’s fitting that Kevin’s being managed by the same people that managed Tyler, The Creator (who Kevin has been very vocal about being an influence on his work) – while Kevin’s music doesn’t have the sinister, abrasive qualities that made Odd Future such a big draw initially, it reflects the same youthful creativity that Tyler exuded so strongly and that gave him such a distinct sound. This is a Kevin Abstract project, through and through, and a damn good one at that.

Listen to American Boyfriend here.