Amber – [Unusual Demont]

If Unusual Demont is not on your radar now, take my advice and follow him accordingly. Ever since his debut release of “Amber,” the Wisconsin based artist’s following has skyrocketed. Although the record is currently Demont’s only public offering, he’s managed to accumulate 66+ thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Moreover, Demont has been featured on signature playlists such as “Lorem,” “POLLEN,” and a SHREK KNOWS RAP “OGRE R&B” playlist. To even greater surprise, the single was played at one of H&M’s in-store locations. Unusual Demont’s momentum is not a fluke; his acquired fanbase is entirely organic with a transparent artist management team under his wing. Furthermore, because “Amber” is such a fantastic solo track, the catchy-ness makes the replay value significant enough to last for months. Wisely milking the release as much as possible, Demont has now released the song’s official visual, which was directed by Nicole Blue, produced by Kyle-Fratello Hakim, edited by Lil Yaki, production assisted by Vino Garcia, and assistant production assisted by Aaron Lyons. With earthly warm orange colors amid a rocky landscape, the vibes are perfect for the apex of the autumn season. Enjoy the music video for “Amber” below, which is available to stream on all streaming services!