Amazon Wishlist – [Antwon] ft. [Lil Ugly Mane]

Apart from Gucci’s love of Christmas and all things cold, we don’t get enough holiday-themed hip-hop tracks. Thankfully, California rapper Antwon has come through with a new smooth, humorous ode to checking off items on a girl’s Amazon Wishlist. Sporting a rare feature from underground legend Lil Ugly Mane (who also produced the track under his birth name, Shawn Kemp), Antwon croons to his significant other about the ways he’ll be checking items off her Amazon wishlist over some spritely southern-tinged production – it’s a short but sweet track, and it’s always good to hear new work from both Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane, who are too often slept on by a large majority of hip-hop listeners. Listen to “Amazon Wishlist” below.