Always On – [Kevin Holliday]

After covering his recent performance on Tiny Shed, I’ve found myself digging deeper and deeper into the intricate, soulful sounds of Kevin Holliday. In this time, I’ve found that one of the budding talent’s most redeeming factors has to be his sheer love and devotion to his art — a theme clearly apparent in every release of his to date, as he always seems to pour his heart and soul not just into a given song, but into every note and every line. Today, to my excitement, the budding talent is back with a brand new offering, “Always On.”

Weaving an unforgettable groove into the track, the main reason that I can’t stop listening to this one is the sheer perfection of all the instruments included here. It’s the guitar solo, the brass section, the funk-induced melodies, and Holliday’s decadent vocal runs. “Always On” is a rare example of polished, well-executed musicianship in an age filled with immediacy, and for this reason and more, it’s an unbelievable listen for fans far and wide.

That said, nothing is more refreshing than hearing artistic integrity as strong as Holliday’s, making him a clear standout for me in the sea of talent coming out right now. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream “Always On” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced by Kevin Holliday, Caleb Matheson, Dontay Downer, Adam Manson, Zach Stewart
Mixed/Mastered by Brett Castro
Art by Santangelo Williams
Photography by Zach Hagen